Prairie Scene

The largest gathering of Manitoba and Saskatchewan artists ever presented outside the Prairies!

April 26 to May 8, 2011

Songs of a Prairie Girl

May 4 - 7, 2011

National Arts Centre - Studio

53 Elgin Street, Ottawa

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Songs of a Prairie Girl Cast

Compiled and Directed by Jim Guedo

With Alyssya Billingsly, Leora Joy Godden, Jacklyn Green, Vesti Hanson, Christine MacInnis, Amy Matysio

SONGS OF A PRAIRIE GIRL is six women on stage, all of whom play different facets and faces of the woman many consider to be among the finest songwriters of her generation. We meet Joni Mitchell the nine-year-old struggling with polio; Mitchell the social and political rebel; Mitchell the folk songstress; and above all, Mitchell the artist. Together, the different snapshots create a colourful and engaging collage celebrating a Canadian icon and her eclectic, poignant, insightful and haunting music. The result is a fascinating stage show unlike anything else – great music, great storytelling, and a great celebration.