Prairie Scene

The largest gathering of Manitoba and Saskatchewan artists ever presented outside the Prairies!

April 26 to May 8, 2011

Prairie Artists in the Firestone Collection of Canadian Art

Of Earth and Sky

April 2 - May 29, 2011

The Ottawa Art Gallery, Firestone Collection of Canadian Art

2 Daly, Ottawa

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Opening April 26, 18:30

Prairie Landscapes April 29 15:30
A presentation on the history of the landscape genre in the Prairies

Exhibition Walkthrough (in English) May 6, 12:30


Featuring the work of Charles F. Comfort, L. L. FitzGerald, Art McKay, Walter J. Phillips, and Otto Rogers, all artists of renown from Manitoba and Saskatchewan, this exhibition highlights the artists’ observations of the surrounding landscape and, in many cases, an increasing interest in abstraction. The exhibition places a particular focus on the work of L. L. FitzGerald.